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         Our competition company, DKG, was started in 2001 by Ms.Donna and her two daughters, Keri and Gigi (this is where the DKG name came from "D"onna, "K"eri, and "G"igi/Jenelle).  Ms. Donna's "dance daughter" Priscilla was also added to share her expertise with the minis.  Together, they made the company that has grown, added additional choreographers/ teachers, and is still going strong today!


        Our teachers are committed to bringing out the best in our competition dancers by encouraging them to become well rounded in all forms and styles of dance..  We don't simply teach our company dances, we also offer closed classes for them weekly!  We hold our DKG classes on Monday nights, and in addition to this instruction, we require them to participate in ballet, lyrical/contemporary, and jazz technique classes during the week. This helps them become technically strong, and introduces them to various styles from different instructors.


          Our Company attends four to five competitions each season.  Our dancers are welcomed, and encouraged, to attend as many optional conventions and/or competitions as they would like throughout the year as well.  We try to support competitions in our area to save our dance family the travel expenses!   And now, with the new Convention Center located in Biloxi, this is becoming easier to do!  

          We hold our company auditions every year in May so we can begin choreography during the summer.   We also offer a make up audition session later in the year for those dancers who are unable to attend the first one.  New choreography is taught in a convention style class for the audition.  Dancers are then asked to perform these combos for judges to assess technique and compatibility with other dancers their age.  This is all done in a positive and nurturing manner, to keep things kid friendly and fun!     Groups are formed after all auditions are complete and each dancer is placed where his/her growth is most promising.

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