DKG Group Information


2018/2019 Company Info - ALL GROUPS

    1. Each dancer will be in two dances(their group dance and the production number).  The black and red groups will have an extra group dance choreographed by outside choreographer, this is optional

    2. DKG practices will be every Monday night

        Black, Red, and Blue - 6:30-8:30

        Orange - 5:30-7:30

        Pink - 5:30-7:30

        Purple and Green - 6:30-8:30   

    3. There will also be mandatory practices on the Sunday before we go to a competition

    4. For fundraising or DKG apparel contact Mary Ann Jamison at 940-867-3041

    5. For DKG tuition contact Mary Ann Jamison at 940-867-3041