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DKG Program 2021-2022
DKG Practices & Choreography

Production and group practices begin in August.  Dancers will learn new choreography this month.
Solos, duos, trios, and extra small groups will start practices at teacher's discretion

Mandatory Summer Intensives
All DKG members must attend one of the summer dance intensives at the studio

DKG Program Description
During the 2021-2022  DKG season, students will be required to attend the conventions and competitions chosen by their teachers.  

 Each dancer will be in three dances, two group dances and a production number. *Yellow group to omit one group dance and production.

 DKG practices are every Monday night, times assigned to each group.  Depending on the size of  the company other nights might be needed.  There will also be  mandatory practices each Sunday before we go to competition.

DKG practices are not optional.  Please mark your calendar with the dates provided and plan to  attend.  You need to notify your choreographer if you will not be at a practice.

All dancers will wear navy DKG practice dance wear for all DKG practices.

Dancers are issued demerits for the the following.  Four missed practices will be allowed per year without demerits (2 per semester, excluding competition season).

    - Missing a DKG practice - 1
    - Arriving 15 minutes late - 1/2 
    - Failure to wear navy dance attire to class - 1/2
    - Bad attitude/ disrespectful behavior- 1
    - Missing a scheduled event - 1
    - Missing a competition (if a conflict arrises, contact your teacher) - 3
    - Doing something that would harm another DKG member
            (such as purposely jeopardizing a number that is competing) -
            grounds for immediate termination.

Demerits can be erased for attending extra dance conventions, going to extra practices, and/or helping at the studio.

In addition to DKG, all dancers must be enrolled in regular dance classes (including, but not limited to ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, and/or hip hop).

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