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Class Schedule


At Donna's Visual and Performing Arts Center. we are committed to our students technical development, as well as developing their passion for dance. Let our trained, professional staff help your new, intermediate or advanced dancer reach his/her goals.  Classes for all ages, levels and styles offered weekly!!


 Our ballet classes focus on proper technique in the Vaganova and Checchettii styles, and ensure that students learn the correct terminolgy and placement along with their lessons.  We are truly blessed at this studio to have such a skilled and knowledgeable instructor as Ms. Donna!!  Ballet classes are at the heart of our studio, and the reason our dancers excell!!



 Our contemporary classes will bring out the passionate dancer in every student.. We excell in helping our students find their own unique dance style and give them the training to mold it. Combine this with our brilliant improv sessions, and your dancer will count the hours till their next class!




 A continued student favorite! Our Hip Hop classes are fun, upbeat and always age appropriate!  We get our students moving and grooving weekly to the latest music and street styles. The most laid back of our classes, as the dress code is one of "come as you are"!


 Our studios lyrical is truly something special and beautiful!  With our backbone of these classes rooted in ballet technique, combined with softer movement created to inspire, your dancer will thrive in these nurturing classes.. They are always more of an experience than a class, and great for any dancer, beginner to advanced!!


 Here at Donnas, our jazz and technique classes are truly some of the most enjoyable classes we offer! They are continued to be challenging yet fun and fresh! All of our trained and professional teachers have unique approaches to their Jazz classes sure to keep any dancer inspired and wanting more!




 Our turns and leaps classes are weekly lessons offering the basic form and technique of the turns and leaps that are taught in our classes..These classes are like dance tutors for our students! The time is taken to focus on each student and help them gain a proper alignment for turning and leaping.

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